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Business Base Overview.

Business Base's unique focus on goal setting and effective management tools allows you to manage and scale at the highest capacity.

My Base

A space for you to create and monitor personal objectives.

Your Personal Home Page

A customizable area for your personal objectives. The view is comprised of company and quarterly details as well as a list of all your personal goals. When adding new personal goals here you may also assign other users from your grouping as viewers, supports, or leaders to keep yourself accountable!

Set, Execute, & Measure Goals.

Business Base's tools allow you to set and measure both long-term and short-term goals.


Set your Big, Hairy, and Audacious Goal.

The Largest of Goals

Here is where you set the goal that points towards the main direction of your company. This is often referred to as a business's North Star.


Create detailed plans to drive your company forward.

Strategic Plan Analysis

Creating a strategic plan is crucial for your business's success. We make this process as easy as filling in the blanks and following simple steps.


Create short-term or long-term objectives and monitor their progress.

Setting Goals

Creating both short-term and long-term objectives is one of the most effective ways that you can scale your business. Objectives made are then broken down into their key performance indicators for optimal clarity and structure. Progress can be then be updated and monitored as the objectives are being worked on.

Stay Organized.

Business Base's organizational features help you stay organized and clutter free, at all times.


Assign tasks to yourself and your team to stay on track.

Set & Assign Tasks

Assign tasks for yourself or others inside of your group. This feature gives everyone the ability to stay on track and keep one another accountable as new projects arrise or others need to be changed.


Set reminders so that you're on track and on time.

Set Reminders

Create reminders that send you an automatic email on the specified date and time so that you're never late again!


Store and share your files internally.

Store Files

Save both time and memory by uploading files inside of Business Base.


Write down your thoughts, ideas, create miniature lists and more.

Create Notes

Write, scribble, jot, or mark down anything you need. Consider this your personal note pad.

Manage Your Business.

Business Base has all of the tools your business needs to keep your business moving forward and upward!


Create a visual organizational structure of your company.

Create Organizational Charts

Map out the structure of your organization so that you and everyone else has transparent role clarity.


A place to report on progress and business development.


Create personalized, and comprehensive reports on various aspects of your business.


Grade performances inside of your business.

Grade Performances

Find out what works and what doesn't by grading specific performances within your business.

Human Resources.

Business Base's human focused features allow you to manage all of your internal processes in one place.


Manage and keep track of your employees.

Employee Handbook

Store employee related information, and documentation in a centralized location.


Create processes and profiles for hiring new employees.

Hiring Process

Create methods you can reference and use when hiring new employees

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