Key Results

Key Results

Key Results (KRs) are what objectives are made up of. They are the driving force behind what turns an idea into an executable medium to long-term objective. Think of key results as the inner workings of a home such as plumbing, electrical, insulation, etc., whereas objectives would be the foundation and structural integrity of a housešŸ . Both objectives and key results rely heavily on one another in order to function properly.

A Key Result is a tool which can positively impact the performance of an objective. Therefore, a Key Result will always need to make use of a metric that can be measured.

One thing to consider when creating key results it to keep them separate from tasks.

A task is a small segment of work. It is something relatively simple you can undertake and finish in a considerably short period of time such as 'making a list' or 'calling 3 specific people'. However, key results have specific time-bound targets, they require aggressive action to be taken but are fairly realistic, and they allow for measurement of progress along the way (ex. Double LinkedIn post shares from 10 - 20 every month)

One of the very next steps after creating an objective is to add your key results.

The goal with any key result is to consider the objective, then come up with actionable, and measurable undertakings that will increase the likelihood of achieving the objective.

When creating your key results, you should always try to keep quantitative and qualitative measurement in mind.

Here's what that looks like:

Let's say a company's objective is to 'Improve customer service'.

Instead of having a single KR titled "cold call or email 100 new clients", you could restructure that KR to say "engage in meaningful conversation with 100 of new clients during cold calls or emails"

Regardless, your KRs need to include the following

- a value type (shares, dollars, clients, lbs, etc.)
- a value amount (1, 2, 7, 100, 2000, 10000+ etc.)
- an end date

After creating an objective inside of our application, you can set as many key results as you'd like!

We make it easy to organize, measure, and stay excited about key results!
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To learn more about key results, check out our reference section below!

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