Tasks, Notes, & Reminders

Tasks, Notes, & Reminders

Staying organized, and ontop of things!


Our tasks application allows users to assign tasks to themselves as well as other users or teams within the grouping. You can have multiple people (including yourself) assigned to the task, or just one user who is responsible for the task.

Each task can be set with different subtasks, deadlines, priority levels, and descriptions.
Utilizing our tasks application can help users and others in the grouping stay more accountable when trying to get things done!

Having a shareable visual of one's tasks will also allow users to be able to effectively communicate their workload to other team members which will allow for more understanding if they get behind or something comes up!
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To learn more about tasks, check out our reference section below!


The notes application gives users the ability to keep track of all kinds of information from making to-do lists, adding important research details, or just having a spot to store all of your favourite one-liners!
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To learn more about notes, check out our reference section below!


Our reminders application allows users to make a list of appointments, meetings, consults, etc. with a specific reminder date, along with an interval setting such as (once, bi-weekly, monthly, monthly - on the last day, monthly - on the last weekday, quarterly, and more).

Users may assign reminders for themselves or they may also be assigned to other users within the grouping.

Utilizing the reminders application will make it easier to schedule recurring events, and be on time for appointments, meetings, consults, reviews, as well as celebrations 🎉 !
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To learn more about reminders, check out our reference section below!

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