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Enable & Disable Applications

Enable & Disable Applications

Enable, disable, and understand how applications function
Important: To control applications you must have Admin Grouping Configuration Access or be a System Administrator

How to Enable/Disable an Application in 5 Steps!

1. Click on "Applications" in the left sidebar under the category "Settings"
2. Select an application you would like to view
Choose An Application.png
3. View the description in the application card
4. Click "Enable" or "Disable" beside the application
**In this example I am enabling the BHAG and disabling Tasks**
5. Refresh your browser
Tip: When an application is "Enabled" you will be able to view it in the lefthand column.
Tip: When an application is "Disabled" you will be unable to view it in the lefthand column.
Enable / Disable process will then be complete!
New Screen.png
Important: You can only view, use and change permissions of "Enabled" applications. To learn more about changing permissions of applications click "Permissions (Beginner)" in the reference section.
Important: Not all applications can be Enabled/Disabled such as "Billing" or "Applications"

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