Permissions (Beginner)

Make sure every team has the appropriate level of access
Tip: You can adjust permissions of teams but not individual users. See "Advanced Permissions" to learn how to achieve the same result.

Before you adjust permissions...

  • You must be a System Admin or have Admin Grouping Configuration Access
  • Teams should be created and team roles should be assigned to team members
  • Enable all applications you would like to adjust permissions for

Permissions (Beginner)

Different Levels of Permission Access

Note: On each team's permission page, you will be able to compare the permissions that are currently set for the All-Users team
  • Team cannot view the application (lowest level)
  • Team can only view application
  • Team can view, and make changes/additions inside of application
  • Team can view, make changes/additions, and delete contents inside of application
  • Team has full-access to the application and it's contents

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