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System Administrator

System Administrator

Everything about the system administrator
Important: A System Administrator has full-access to everything related to your grouping on the software, and full control over it. They can change permission access levels of other teams, enable/disable applications, invite new users, delete/deactivate users, assign new System Administrators, and much more.
Note: You will likely want to get ahold of a System Administrator if you have questions, requests, or concerns about your Business Base team or account.

How Contact a System Admin:

1. Click the "Teams" application in the lefthand column
2. Click on the System Administrators team
3. Click on the name of the System Admin you wish to contact
4. Click on their email box on their user profile
You should then be able to send this System Admin an email!

More About The System Administrator

  • When a grouping is first created, there will be 2 teams automatically generated: The All Users team & System Administrator team
  • When a grouping is first created, the user who created the group will be granted System Admin status and added to the System Administrator team by default
  • By default, anyone who is in the system administrator team will have the highest level of permission for every application
  • There always needs to be at least 1 system admin in the System Administrator team and they cannot be deleted from the team or grouping it's self

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