Team Roles

Roles give users different access inside of their team
Important: In order to assign roles, you must have User Configuration Access or be a System Administrator.
Tip: You will need teams created first before you can assign roles

You Can Assign Roles in 1 of 2 places

1. The Invite a User's Page (See "How to Invite a User")
> Users > Invite User Box.
2. The Add User to Team's Page (See "Teams")
>Teams>Ellipsis of Team/Click Team>Add Member
Add User Teams (Role).png

To Change Role of Team Member

>Teams>Select Team>Click Ellipsis of Team Member>Click "Change Role"
Change Role.png

3 Different Role Types

Note: A "Member" can see who is in the team
Note: A "Leader" can view and invite members to the team
Note: An admin can invite, remove, and set permissions in the team

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