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How to View User Profiles

How to View User Profiles

View other user's work related information.
Note: A user profile will contain information relevant to: the user's status, email, last login, date joined, teams, recent activity, as well as their task summary.

To View a User's Page

1. Click on "Users" in the left sidebar under "Settings"
2. Click on the ellipsis (3 dots) on the corresponding user
3. Click "View"
View User.png
You will then be brought to the user's profile page
User Profile.png
In here you may view the following:
1. User Status (Active/Inactive)
2. User Email
3. Last Login Date
4. Date Joined
5. Teams
6. Recent Activity
7. Task Summary
Tip: You can send the user an email from this page simply by clicking on their email inside of the box
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